Auto reorder not creating material request

Hi everyone,

I’m having some issues getting auto reorder to work. I’m just experimenting with v14 before maybe migrating from Odoo and this is the main blocker.

I’m using version ERPNext: v14.16.1 and Frappe Framework: v14.25.3

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Create new site
  2. Enable ‘Raise Material Request When Stock Reaches Re-order Level’ under Stock Settings
  3. Create an item with opening stock of 10
  4. Set auto reorder rule to min qty 5, with a reorder qty of 30 (or whatever)
  5. Create purchase order for 8 units of the test item and submit the purchase order


  1. Stock projected quantity is 2
  2. No material request is created

Expected behaviour:

  1. Material request for purchase quantity of 30 created

I’ve also tried submitting a delivery note against the purchase order in case it was only triggered by physical stock rather than reserved stock, but that didn’t work either.

I am new to ERPNext so this might be user error on my part, but I have followed the documentation closely.

Any help really appreciated!

Anyone have any idea? It’s so simple but it doesn’t seem to work at all, and it’s blocking us moving to ERPNext from Odoo, which is sad because ERPNext is otherwise much nicer…

It works for me. Even it took me some time to make it work. I don’t remember the steps exactly. But once it had worked, we had build an entire auto reordering system on it which even automatically calculates reorder level based on past sales data + forecasted sales.

Have you set the material request type in the item’s Auto reorder section?

Try triggering it manually by running the command:

bench execute erpnext.stock.reorder_item.reorder_item