Auto restrict/lockout user

How to make a user automatically unable to login after a specified period of time?? That is he needs system manager affirmation after that period to login??

Hi @Lola ,

In System settings, You can define session expiry hours. This settings works like If you define a value in that field like 24:00 will log out a user if they are not active for 24:00 hours. In this case user only logged out from the system if he is not active but you want a system like user is not able to do login after specified time period then you have to override a standard functionality like,

If user will not active then automatically a script will disable a user. If system disable a user then user will not be able to do login.

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Thank you for your reply…
I want user to be disabled after a specified time from the moment system manager enabled it!

Hi @Lola ,

Then you can apply a code which I given in a screenshot.


Hi! I think the code you provided that’s for restricting a user who is inactive for a specific time (last login)
But I want to restrict a user based on when he was first enabled!!
Thank in anticipation