Auto-save Timesheet

We use Timesheets in ERPNext so that employees write down what they have doing.

If you add a new row, the data does not get saved automatically.

This way you might loose data.

Is there a way to automtically save the timesheet?

Or at least get a dark red background on the screen, so that the user can see immidetely that the
form was not saved yet.

Hi @Thomas-Guettler,

I think, In ERPNext, Timesheets don’t save data automatically when you add a new row, which can lead to data loss. To address this, you can implement an auto-save feature using JavaScript/jQuery. This will periodically save the timesheet in the background, ensuring that data is not lost even if the user forgets to save it manually.

Thank You!

I think you could use client script and save whenever a change is made on a particular field