Auto-select source warehouse in work order

How to make ERP auto selects warehouses for Required Items in Work Order?
Some BOMs I’m working with have more than 50 components. That will be really big pain in the ass for manual selection.

If you have custom app kindly override the function and update as you need…

Problem is that I don’t know how to write custom apps.

OK fine,
create new app in ur bench then install it, After installation u can able see hooks py in your installed app open file then go to doc_events section and mention the path of your override mentioned file u need to override that respective function…

You can set this by setting a Default Warehouse in Item Master.
Item>Item Defaults>Default Warehouse
If you have a Default Warehouse set then that warehouse will be fetched in Work Order Required Item table for that Item.

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Yes, I know for default warehouse.
How warehouse X can be set for item A if item A does not exist in warehouse X? That makes no sense.
Later during stock entry I have to select manually warehouse and batch for every item. It is pain in the ass.