Auto send invoices - how

How can I set up auto sending on invoices? I have no idea where to start.


Hi @smokinjo,

When a user submits a Sales Invoice, an email is automatically sent. To do this, you should use the Notification feature. Please refer to the documentation for more clarity.

Thank You!

Hi there. My system does not send anything automatically. Thi sis what I am trying to set up.

The notification does what?

I looked it over and it seems that I can send an email after an invoice is submitted. Is this right?

I can send it 1 day later.

But, I was trying to find a way to add specific emails, but this only seems possible when you click on the edit button where you choose a recipient. It allows CC and BCC.

I also found a button that says:
Send To All Assignees

Where is the list of “assignees”?



Need to be customizable.

Thank You!