Auto Update Develop Branch

Running a test vm on develop branch (to test v13 features). Trying to setup auto update - as everyday there are new commits… Have set auto_update as true in common_site_config.json. Is that all thats needed? If so, what would be the schedule for the bench update? Is a cron job needed as well? If so, does auto_update need to be set to true?

Tried setting up a cron job line similar to the site backup but bench update fails in background.

Appreciate any guidance to automate updates for develop branch. Thanks.

There is no one method that is right 100%, it depends on the goal you want to achieve

Too much automation in development lets you lose control over the repo commits…
This is what I think about auto-update.

I personally suggest keeping control over the updates and do this through the git command line.
For example:

  • Run a dev instance
  • pull the upstream repo
  • have a look at logs and diffs
  • do bench migrate
  • reload the page and test

How do you auto_update if you want to?