Autocomplete malfunctioning

Hi, when I fill in a value within an autocomplete field with list underneath, there used to be a create new item button and advanced search button.
Since we upgraded to version 7.2 it is not working consistently anymore.

When I put my cursor in such a field I get the list with the 2 buttons at the bottom

When I start typing the buttons disappear for some reason

When I do another search they are still present

But when I go one letter further in the data they are gone again:

We use this a lot for creating new Issues.
Our issues are named: “customername: short title”
When we start typing and we don’t see an issue about the topic, we instantly create a new one with that title by clicking the “Create new Issue”-button.

I think this is a bug, because it is nowhere mentioned in any change or release note.

pull request sent

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Hi @netchampfaris,

Thank you for picking up this item.

I was looking for a way to see in what release this will be published.
Could you give me a way to see this?

What are the following steps before it would be merged into production?