Autocreation of Tests in Specialized Laboratory

I have created a specialized laboratory type as Radiology in healthcare module. When i create an invoice with one Laboratory test and another with my custom Radiology test, it automatically creates the test for laboratory but not for Radiology.

How can i apply same settings for Radiology?

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@Muhammad_Irfan Can you share how you have created “specialised laboratory type”?

Currently I have simply duplicated the Lab Test docType and other associated docTypes e.g. Lab Test Sample, Lab Test Template.

ERPNext doesn’t handle business logic for custom doctypes and it won’t create tests automatically.

If you have created your own doctype, then you have to write custom code to generate lab tests on invoice submission. @Muhammad_Irfan

Radiology Tests is v. Important and should be added as functionality. If you share what you have done and what u want to achive then we may throw some light as we are also interested to have these features for a client.

Thanks @ChillarAnand

@CA_B.C_Chechani I am working on multiple tracks to find the best possible solution. Once i conclude anything i will update here.

Good point @CA_B.C_Chechani

ERPNext Healthcare doesn’t have RIS(Radiology Information System) support yet. @Muhammad_Irfan you can share doctypes and other features you have implemented in your case.

If possible, we can plan/discuss and add it to the core healthcare module.

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We have some home work in this regard as we are working for hospital which specialize in joints like knee , hip and shoulder where in each case