Autofill for Custom Read Only Fields during Data Import


I’ve created 4 new fields in the Attendance Module.

Work In, Work Out (which I set to Read Only and retrieve using the following script)

// set work_in field to work_in value from employee link field
// function add_fetch(link_fieldname, source_fieldname, target_fieldname)

Time In, Time Out (which I plan to import from my biometrics system).

My question is that every time I import, the Work In, Work Out fields do not immediately autofill - just stays blank. I want to discourage placing this in the import file since it gives the user a change to modify the intended time an employee is expected to be at work.

How do I have my read only fields autofill every time I upload?

If I am getting your use case then it is I guess this :-

  1. Every employee has a expected in time and out time.
  2. You want to fetch from that Employee’s record his/her in and out time in their attendance record. Then try this.

In the options of these two fields work_in and work_out, you need to do this :-

This is how I am expecting your employee field in attendance is :

Now using employee do this: (I’m assuming the work_in and work_out are already fields in Employee doctype and have been populated before you are making this attendance)

Assume time_in and time_out serve the same purpose as your two variables.

Please try this.

Thanks for the reply. I’m not quite sure I understand but this is my current setup:

When I enter the data for Employee, the Employee Name, Work In, and Work Out autofill from the Employee module.


If data is placed into the system one by one, things are fine.

However, when I use the Data Import Tool to import my daily attendance, these fields are left blank.

Here is my setup in the Customization:

I want the autofill to still run even if I import the data instead of manually encoding them.

Have you checked Submit after Importing option when trying to import data ? Try it and see if it works or not