Autofill job applicant data from CV

Hi all,

very pleased with the speed at which ERPNext is moving! It is an amazing system and we are learning more and more from it as we continue to delegate more tasks to users in our company in the system.

With that said one big requirement is something which bullhorn, our current recruiting system has which is the ability to pull info from resumes and autofill the correct data in the applicant file. For example it can process a CV and pull the name, email, contact info, skills, location etc. and put that data into the correct fields to help with managing the recruiting process.

This is something that is going to require custom work, and something we believe we will need to hire an expert on. Our goal is to have this functionality, as well as Google Drive integration(another story) and then release those plugins/contributions back to the community for others to benefit from.

I am doing some research on different open source projects which can scan/pull the data from a document and save it in various fields. Currently I am have little luck with my search and was hoping someone from the community could shed some light on this. If anyone has suggestions, or the ability to do some custom work please let me know so we can work on this. I will be updating this thread with updates on ideas or apps which can assist as I find them.

Thanks to the core devs, as well as the community for making ERPNext such a fantastic app.


Edit: Searching now I just found this which looks like a good step in the right direction. Anyone have experience with this? GitHub - python-openxml/python-docx: Create and modify Word documents with Python


Great, feel free tho ask if you need any help.

No personal experience with python-docx

Thanks @rmehta

I have posted a job request online and am waiting to hear back from candidates.

As i continue to do more research, I just came across this which is for PDF’s but seems to work form the file I just uploaded (if running a mac to test, must DL JAVA from Apple)

If anyone reading this has an interesting or the ability to do this type of task please get in touch with me!

Someone on reddit said they’re trying to do something similar for their company, but said since the data isn’t structured it is near impossible. Though they suggested this which might be overkill Amazon Mechanical Turk

Just throwing all the ideas out there to see if anyone / anything can be built off them