Autofill table with fields taken from a doctype containing a table used as a filter

Hi! I’m facing some trouble here.

I have two different doctypes:

1 (image 1): proyectos/tipo de proyecto (blue underline in image 1) named “Reglamentaciones operativas” (pink box).

2 (image 2): reglamentaciones/aplicaciones (blue underline in image 2) named “Reglamentaciones”.

Inside Doctype 1, I have a table called “Aplicaciones” . I need that table to get completed automatically by doing this:

Check all the doctypes inside “Aplicaciones” (blue underline, image 2, in this example taking the one named “Reglamentaciones”) and look into the table called “TIPOS DE PROYECTOS”. If “Tipo de Proyecto” (in image 2) has the same name as the document (in image 1), take the information inside the red box (in image 2) and put it inside the table “Aplicaciones” (red box in image 1)


its look like you need a complex script for it you could get some tricks from

Client Side Cheatsheet

Fetch fields from another doctype into a child table

Fetch values from a child table to another child table

Push Changes to a document from another document.

Thanks for your reply, I really needed an answer! I will check all of these links and try to find something that solves the problem!