Automate lead creation by linking with email

I have automated the lead creation by linking with email and the lead creation is happening successfully but the problem is like It is creating a lead in the system with email field only but the other informations like name, organisation, etc fields population not happening.

Hi @kunals201 these fields will be populated once the senders e-mail address is linked to a contact (which is further linked to a lead or customer) .

That should do the job.

Let me explain my problem in a proper way. So, we have our site and and in our we have one form for our wholesale customers and anybody fills that form so that is like he/she is interested to buy our products and corresponding to that form we gets email with all customer information and corresponding that email entry we are generating leads into the system but currently sender email is mapping on the lead form other informations like name, contact, organisation not populating in the lead form.

@kunals201, I hope you have found a solution to this problem. I am trying to do the same thing, it will be great if you share the approach you’ve taken. Thank you

I have a slightly different problem. I have just configured an email for sending and receiving emails from ERPNext. but for every email i receive it is creating a Lead…which I dont want. how can I stop this auto lead creation?

First of all, welcome @prakash.mugali. It’s great to have you join the community!
2nd, I’m going to try to help, I’m not sure there is enough info to give you a great answer.
You said you configured an email account… Take a look here:

Did you select “Append to”? If so, then the system is taking those emails and automatically creating Leads. Just leave the box blank and you should be ok.

Similarly, if you checked “Create Contacts…” then the system would create Contacts (but not necessarily Leads). Again unchecking that should work,

That image is from v12. You can help us (and yourself!) but adding some details about which version you are using and any additional info that would let community members know as much as possible about your issue.

Bingo, that worked. I use Version v13.20.1 and I had made the same mistake that you mentioned. Thank you @MichaelPinkowski, It helped greately.

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@prakash.mugali Excellent! I try to be right about something at least once a week!

Again, welcome to the community. There are so many smart people here (WAY smarter than me).

Happy to learn.

Here comes another bug. I recently upgraded the account from Version 10 to Version 13.2 and my emails have stopped working. I only want to use the ERPNEXT to send emails (quotations and purchase orders). The email settings screenshots are attached. Is there anything I have missed?!