Automate page reload after editing JavaScript

There are many developer toolkits around that can cause a browser page refresh when changes are saved to any of its *.html, *.js or *.css files.

Does Frappe/ERPNext have a way to do that?

Isnt’ that the reload button? (in the menu top right).
It does clear the cache.
But I am not sure it refresh the JS. Often , I have noticed it is better that I do a
bench --site all migrate
for the changes to be effectively seen.

I am a bit fanatic about shortening the time it takes for:

  1. noticing a required change,
  2. getting to the right place in the code,
  3. editing the code,
  4. saving the changes,
  5. seeing the change is correct or not

Each of the those steps requires some combination of searching, clicking, typing, etc. which all takes time.

In a really good development environment you have a window open on every vital part. When a change is saved you should be able to see all the relevant changes happen within a couple of seconds, without any further typing or clicks. (Like a REPL (read eval print loop) but for a whole project.

I’m going to tinker with Cypress and see if that gets me what I want.