Automate Reports overnight by Email

Is there a way to automate simple Reports overnight like “Sales Orders due in X days”, “New Quotes created” and similar? I want to email various key management reports and transaction reports to several users each night so they can check them first up and/or act on the information contained. I know there is Email Alerts but this emails one message PER transaction - eg every time a Sales Order gets within 3 days of delivery date it emails that one document. But that is not useful to the users, they need to see a summary type list (same as if you ran a report for various filters) and have it emailed as CSV attachment or even as a clickable link in the email to take them to the report itself.

Anyone done anything like this and got some tips for me?


To automate reports is kind of a custom app development but you can always check the Email Digest which has a lot of options but not many like for reports.

Thanks @adityaduggal but when I setup an Email Digest for Quotations it sends no information about the new quotes created during the previous day. I fail to see there’s any point to such a “digest” which lacks useful information or an even basic list of the quotations raised.

I will look at an alternative option using my own DW/BI database and reporting tool I guess.

@adityaduggal @monojoker
It will be useful if email digest contains details report like how many Quotations created in previous day with amount and customer. Alternative is to give link which open report with filter option.

Can anyone doing same?


What kind of DW/BI reporting tool are you using for the erpnext data.