Automated Bank Payments from ERPNext via ICICI Bank APIs

Hello Everyone,

For one of our client requirements, we have integrated ICICI Bank’s payment APIs with ERPNext and it’s being used successfully for more than 3 months.

Have a look at our Custom Frappe App here, ERPNext Bank API Integration

All supplier payments (Bulk or Individual) and salaries are currently posted via ERPNext and its corresponding payment entries are made.

We have created a python library to enable quick integration with other Banking APIs.

Below is our roadmap to add new features to this,

  1. Inward Payments and reconciliation with ICICI Bank
  2. Add Paytm Payments Bank as a new provider

If anyone of you has a requirement on similar lines, please get in touch on this thread or at

Here are a few screenshots of the app.

  1. Bank API Integration List, where we can add multiple banking API vendors. We have ICICI enabled for now.

  1. Payments can be made directly from the Purchase Invoice/Purchase Order (as an advance) and payment entry shall happen automatically.

  2. SIngle Party Payments can be made here.

  3. Bulk Payments to multiple parties can be made here. This is used for salary payments and also for those parties where regular payment cycles are followed.

Feedbacks and suggestions are most welcome!

Thanks to the contributors, @Kaviya_Periyasamy and @karthikeyan5


@Kaviya_Periyasamy and @karthikeyan5 Thank for contribution.
@vigneshsekar Thanks for Sharing. :+1:

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thanks for sharing.

What services does one need to have enabled at the Bank’s end for this to work? Is just the Corporate Banking ID and password sufficient?

should this repository be used or the new one which was introdced in the frappeverse conference?

there seems to be an error in V15

Do you know where is the new repository which was shown in Frappeverse YouTube video?

It shows error like this to the Bank api request log when try to make BOBP.

I linked bank account to the supplier yet this error shows while make bank payment directly from purchase invoice.

Has anyone tried bulk payments from this application?

This is awesome man! thanks for sharing