Automated Bank Reconciliation in ERPNext

Hello Team,

If there is any automated process of Bank reconciliation in ERPNext then it will be nice feature for everyone and it will take ERPNext to Next enhance level. Everyone feels that the process currently to update bank entry date is very tedious and wanted an automated approach. Your suggestions are highly appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

@Harsh_Mehta currently there is no such feature , the reason being banks were not too permisive about handing over API for business accounts. However things are changing fast and some banks like Axis and HDFC have started out handing the API access. You can email the banks for API access and then write custom app for that purpose.

@srajelli this feature is already made in SAP and i know currently this feature is not available in ERPNext. Thank you and definitely i will write down code in future and share with others.

@Harsh_Mehta Please post the details if you will be writing this feature , Would like to contribute.

@srajelli yeah, sure I will post the details when I will be ready with my plan & analysis for development.


I’m quite interested in this and working on something similar. The idea is to be able to upload bank statements downloaded from as either CSV or MT940 format (but starting with CSV first). The accounting for payments would need to change slightly though and logic would need to be added to the bank reconciliation booking to be able to clear existing open items based on some matching characteristic between items in the bank statement and the open items (perhaps payment reference etc).

Glad to hear your ideas and collaborate on the topic.


This , not direct acces thru an api, but just linking csv/mt940 with Erpnext is on the wishlist for a long time…
Any European based accounting has this functionality, but they lack many of the advanced feateres of the Erpnext…believe wld attract "western"clients…

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is that maybe partly solved by this GitHub - libracore/erpnextswiss: ERPNext application for Switzerland-specific use cases ?

I thinks so…had a look at there website some time back…but as long it is not integrated in the core I cannot use it as clouduser…@srajelli
@joelios @rushabh_mehta

I think fairkom is planning to offer a european based ERPnext hosting - here’s a page with the services already available, they are hosting my erpnext instance: fairweb | fairkom