Automatic actions in ERPNext

I’m fairly new to ERPNext, setting it up for my business now and maybe for clients someday.
With some experiences with other ERPs, I wonder how is one functionality implemented in ERPNext?
Which one?
This one: Sometimes we want something happen every single time automatically in the background when user do some action. E.g. when employee submits Vehicle log with mileage, we want to create an expense claim to compensate him/her per mileage. Yes this could be done manually. But we have ERP to avoid repetitive manual work. ERP should do this automatically. How does ERP next do this? I was looking around for this functionality and ended up in Background jobs. But I was not able to setup one in my one person free cloud ERPNext.
What did I missed?
Thank you.

Currently in ERPNext this is available via Make Expense Claim button on Vehicle Log. However, if you want system to automatically do it, you may have to write a custom script for it, on submit event.

@Pawan, do you have any example script for automated actions? Appreciate that.

However, ‘automated actions’ is extremely desirable built-in feature in ERPNext, imho. Give +1 if anyone seconds!


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I just submit one pull request [New Feature] Custom Server Action: make customizing on server side on SaaS possible by szufisher · Pull Request #4941 · frappe/frappe · GitHub yesterday, you can follow this!


Hi. I’m not sure if I should be posting here but I don’t find a section in the forums which allow people to post jobs or offer services. I’m trying to help my company setup the ERP system and I need to add some customized field as well as add some automated calculating functions like CMB and the amount of cartons derived from the amount of stock in an order. We’re willing to pay someone to have this done. Please get in contact with me if interested.

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