Automatic Asset depreciation is not happening

I have been trying to do asset depreciation automatically by making all the settings for it in account settings and other things. Depreciation is not happening automatically on the date. But I have to do it manually every time even after enabling booking of asset depreciation automatically in account settings.
Any insights on this would very helpful and appreciated.
Thank you

Have you created an asset, and the asset depreciation schedule?

Something like this.

If you have it should work.

Otherwise, see if you have a mandatory dimension, e.g. project on journal entry, saw such a case, where the automatic depreciation entries would fail because of the mandatory project on journal entry.

Yes I have created like this, I don’t know about the mandatory project on journal entry, but for sure I have created it like this only. When I checked in the scheduled jobs job had failed it was showing both debit and credit cannot be zero.

Did you find any solution?