Automatic auto email Daily send whitelisted

Can we make daily_send whitelisted so we add custom code for date like current date if report fields have none?
For example I have two daily sells reports that automatically send the information on a daily basis but the filter should be “nowdate” and this is not working as o can only override the send now whitelisted and not the daily send.

Any Chance of having this WhiteList so i can enter the below code due to not filtering Todays date
filtros = json.loads(auto_email_report.filters or ‘{}’)
if (not filtros[‘from_date’]):
#Nao tem data
print ‘Nao TEM DATAs!!!’
elif (filtros[‘from_date’] != frappe.utils.nowdate() and name == ‘Registo de Vendas’):
data_ini = {“from_date”:frappe.utils.nowdate()}
data_fim = {“to_date”:frappe.utils.nowdate()}
filtros.update({“from_date”:frappe.utils.nowdate(), “to_date”:frappe.utils.nowdate()})
auto_email_report.filters = json.dumps(filtros)