Automatic backup is broken

i set of 3 backup in System Settings but system never backup

Hi @vrerg,

If not enabled scheduler then enable it via command.

bench --site [your-sitename] enable-scheduler
bench --site [your-sitename] clear-cache
bench --site [your-sitename] migrate

Thank You!

If you’re using containers you’ll need to setup cronjob

Do I need to do this for dropbox as well?

cronjob takes backups, integrations generally push the taken backups.

So yes, for backups to exists in first place cronjob is needed.

Can I install directly into the container? pip install cronjob etc.

Using pip in container means changing app environment in container. It is not recommended.

I’ve used crontab with docker compose, swarm cron, kubernetes cronjob.

If you figure another way which works and is reliable you can use it.