Automatic barcode generate when item created

When the item is created, its barcode should also be generated automatically. Can anyone tell how to achieve this?
Checked it but don’t understand how to install it in the site and then how to use it.

Can anyone help me.

Reference- How to generate barcode automaticly whene i add item? - #3 by karim.badawy

Missing Installation process in the site in this video.

Track Items Using Barcode.


Thanks for your reply,
I’m just asking Installation process,
Normally, when we install any source code from GitHub in our bench, we run these commands.

example “bench get-app --branch version-15 erpnext”

And if you want to install the app on the site then this command
example “bench --site [site-name] install-app erpnext”

But how to install it on our server, there is no documentation on it.
I Hope I explained my problem well to you.

Thank You.