Automatic Cost Price calculation?

hi all,
i have a number of products i buy, raw materials, and a number of products i manufacture.
selling prices more or less depends on the client & volume. all very standard.

i have made some BOMs, a standard BOM would output 100 products.
example: whey protein A = package A + label A + 2kg protein A. every component has a manual valuation

why dont i see anywhere the calculated field of whey protein A?
where should i see it, in the first place, because i expect it to be somewhere in the “stock” \ “item” parameters

the whole idea for me to use ERPnext is to have cost calculations and stock management of raw materials (coupled with invoice systems)

maybe i am doind smthg wrong? i have just started out with the software, please advise

thank you in advance !


This documentation explains the options you can use while manufacturing -

Other couple of related articles -

hi akurungadam

i understand. but i made a BOM, submitted, workorder, it subtracted all the necessary quantities and everything appears to have been done correctly.
only, in the “item” menu, the valuation stays “0.00”.

the valuation method of the BOM is set correctly.

is it because i added initial stock values to my finished products?

i have created a new instance, i only created the raws to produce 1 finished good. i didnt insert a starting quantity, but immeditaly started a prodcution process.

it all the same does not say in mi item screen how much the finished end product actually cost

By item menu, are you referring to the item master screen?

yes indeed. its he logical place where i expect to find the calculated cost of my item (based of the prices used in the BOM)