Automatic data fetch from book doctype to child doctype

  1. Book Creation:
  • Users initiate the book creation process by entering relevant details such as title, author, genre, etc.
  • Additionally, users are prompted to specify the number of copies they wish to produce for the book.
  1. Automatic Asset Generation:
  • Upon submitting the book creation form, the system triggers an automatic asset generation process based on the specified number of copies.
  • For each copy requested, a unique asset identifier is generated automatically, ensuring accurate tracking and management.
  1. Asset Allocation:
  • The system allocates generated assets to their corresponding copies, establishing a clear association between each asset and its respective copy of the book.
  1. Child Table Update:
  • Simultaneously, the system updates the book’s child table with the generated asset data.
  • Each asset entry in the child table contains pertinent details such as asset ID, copy number, status (e.g., available, borrowed), etc., facilitating comprehensive book asset management.