Automatic determination of the operation hour rate?


We have a small workshop in which we build paper lamps.

We are considering adopting ERPNext to control all our operations. But we don’t too much control and are trying to configure it to be as simple as possible.

We work on a engineer-to-order way so we need to create a new item and a new BOM for each new Sales Order.

  1. We want to control how much time is spend manufacturing each item. So we think the best way to do this is using Operations. But even though manufacturing one item may involve multiple different operations, we are considering defining a single operation called “Build it” just to register the total amount of time it took. So every new BOM will have this “Build it” operation. Is this a better approach to achieve the same purpose?

  2. My cost per hour is fixed. So I’d expect to be able to set a fixed hour rate at the operation and never worry about it again. But that’s not possible and I’m always forced to enter the hour rate when I add the operation to the BOM. Isn’t there a way for ERPNext automatically determine the operation’s hour rate?

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Yes it might do well to put one operation if only one field you are corncerned about.

You can customize form to set default value for cost per hour field.


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@nununo you can also use time logs directly instead of using operations for simplicity

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I didn’t know that, thanks. But then that time log won’t be associated with any particular production order or sales order, right?

Thanks @Nick, good to know that having a single operation is a good approach and even better to know that the form can be customized to set a default value. I’ll probably do that.

Makes me wonder, though, why can’t we set a default operation hour rate. Wouldn’t it make sense?