Automatic flushing of items in process

There are two scenarios where we use it in our present accounting system.

  1. Sales Invoice/Delivery notes - When we create new delivery note/sales invoice, it automatically deducts pending products from sales orders.
  2. Manufacture - We want to manufacture items and automatically reduce subassemblies/raw material from stages.
    Is there a way to do this presently?

In the Manufacture entry, both raw-material and finished items are added. Once submission on Manufacture entry, stock of raw-material is deducted from shopfloor warehouse, and stock of finished item is added in the warehouse.

Thanks for your prompt reply Umair.

What we do in Busy accounting software right now is-

  1. “produce” a product and we get automatic reduction of all child parts from defined warehouses.
    I tried to do this on And if I don’t specify source warehouse it doesn’t reduce materials anywhere. In Busy it displays a table where it shows all items being reduced and the user just has to press enter to produce that.
    Manufacturing Process in BUSY (Hindi) - YouTube

  2. similarly in delivery note/sales order → it automatically deducts the pending products from the first sales order and then the latest one.

  3. It is the same in payments received as-well. Where we just enter customer name and amount and account received. The system automatically shows table of sales invoices from which the amounts will be deducted. This is same as Payment Entry in ERPNext where there is auto-allocation of payments to sales invoices.

Can we extend the auto-allocation feature to delivery notes and manufacture (stock entry)?

Your suggestions will require considerable amount of redesigning. For now, I will suggest you to evaluate ERPNext based on it’s existing set of features. For the suggestions, you can create Github Issues.

Against a Production Order, manufacture entry is created after Material Transfer entry. To create manufacture entry without product order, you can have a look at Repack entry (in stock entry).

I think I found a solution to this. Can’t we do it by adding a function which does the following?
0. Once the user has put in items and qty in Delivery note,

  1. On save/submit, check for sales order item_code in all pending sales order items for the customer.
  2. if delivery note item_code matches, automatically assign sales order number in the (delivery note item) field.

(there’ll be a couple of more steps like separating out delivery_note items when the qty is more than in one sales order row and some validation checks ofcourse)

This would be something on the lines of function -
allocate_party_amount_against_ref_docs: function(frm, paid_amount)

What do you think?

Any recommendations on how to go about doing this?