Automatic import flow

Hello, I would like to set up an automatic import flow on the product stock from our e-commerce site, how to deploy this, knowing that my e-commerce already generates a file every day compatible with the import Frappé

You can write a python script and schedule it to read the files from that specific location and process it.

Yes of course, I doubt that i have to write a script! :slight_smile: Thank you very much for your help !
But I would like to have a concrete example that allows to import automatically at a defined frequency to a Doctype. I have the impression that developers have trouble giving this information. But I keep hope!

is this a sarcasm?

Let me politely remind you that Discuss is a community forum where you have to request for help. We all here believe in giving first than taking. So, if you request maybe you will notice few hands stretching, else you will keep hoping for long.

Oolaaa ! Don’t be offended! I reassure you politely: No implied or sarcasm! thanks for the reminder

Hi YannCoppryDigital perhaps FinForce’s sentiment can be summed up like this -

This is strictly a volunteer run forum - this community takes care and pride to support those who request help.

ERPNext is truly a fantastic prospect that demands much skill effort and ambition. Certainly we all have more questions than answers, but then someone must pitch in for us all to advance and succeed here!

So first and foremost self help search is reasonable responsible and encouraged - most often what info you seek can be discovered somewhere or other - failing that the web is your search oyster. (Most gems of wisdom can be found provided folks simply search a bit to inform themselves.)

Otherwise ask away and you may hear from someone who offers to help you with their idea or suggestion. Of course whatever you contribute or report here in return would be most welcome so we all can benefit.

That’s the deal so please join in…

@littlehera has kindly responded to you here Automatic import ? Is it possible ? If yes, how?