Automatic material request from Production Order

I already have an Item registered and its BOM with all the raw materials. Each material have its own supplier, that is registered in the subsection with the material ID in the supplier’s store.

I create a Production Order and when I click on Start goes to Stock Entry page to treat the material transference from stock to production.

When I try to submit the doc if isn’t there sufficient quantity in the Stock for any raw material an alert shows up informing about it and the current quantity.

After that I click on the button Make Material Request and submit the Material Request doc (with all raw materials fetched automatically, even the materials with stock).

After this, the button Make offers three options:
(1) Request for Quotation
(2) Supplier Quotation
(3) Purchase Order

In each option above is possible to choose only one supplier, and I have to remove the material that isn’t from this supplier.

I wondering if is it possible automatically make a request to each supplier according to raw materials list.

On the item screen, there is an automatic re-order section,

I have not used this, but can you not use this to generate your P.O ?

You can come close to automatic:
1.Each Item should have a default Supplier set(under Item Defaults).

2. The create a Purchase Order for a Supplier and press the button(Get Items from Open Material Requests).

  1. You have to click it more than once to be sure. All the pending items with default supplier as selected above are fetched.

Thank you very much.

Your answer was very useful it help me a lot.