Automatic MREQ to be generate for Purchase considering Material Transfer entries from Material Request

Automatic MREQ to be generate for Purchase considering Material Transfer entries from Material Request.
We have different warehouses by user wise for internal material transfer entries.
Suppose user A created material request for Material Transfer of Item XYZ Qty – 50Nos for his A warehouse but XYZ item 10Nos. only in Stock at (Store) main warehouse then automatic material request to be generate for purchase of shortage 40Nos for Store Warehouse now it is not happened, if we set Re-Order Level 5Nos. & Re-Order Qty – 20Nos for XYZ Item then automatic request is generated but only for 20Nos not for 40Nos.

Now automatic material request for purchase it is working fine based on re-order level, Sales order & Production Planning but it is not considering requirement qty of Material Transfer & Material Issue entries from Material request.

Please suggest if I am doing anything wrong or suggest any another method to do this or suggest if any other setting for that.

Thanks …

Your explanation is too complicated to follow.

Edit: All Material Requests are considered while building projected qty for automatic re-order. Please check your steps again.

Hi Rishabh ,

I will try to give a simpler example:

  1. Say there are 2 Warehouses - WH A & WH B

  2. The Main Purchase is Handled by WH A

  3. There is a Material requirement in WH B

  4. The User from WHB creates a Material Transfer Request From WHA to WHB - for the Requirement in WH B since he is not aware of the Stock in WH A - Also the Purpose field Transfer / Issue / Purchase is defaulted to transfer & non changeable for this user - since he is not authorised to purchase.

  5. The Requested Material is not in Stock in WH A or there is a shortage for the required material in WH A & Needs to be purchased

  6. So is there a Way to create a Material Request ( Purchase ) for the Shortages against the material Request Transfer - since the Negative stock Entry is disabled & The Material in WH A shall not go below the Reorder Level.

This shall be really helpful .

Thanks & Rgds,

Set it for transfer by default

That we have already done
But now the system does not create the New material Request for Purchase calculating the need as the material needs to be ordered & the user needs to manually create the Material Request for Purchase.

Hey Chetan, Did you manage to solve this issue? If yes, could you please share what steps you took to solve it. Thanks.