Automatically generate Purchase order

The ERP has a rule that the system won’t allow me to make the material issue from material request if the stock quantity is less than the request quantity. Is there any way that in case the stock quantity is less than the request quantity, the system automatically generate the material issue with the quantity left on the stock and automatically generat a purchase order for the rest?
Help me pls, looking for hearing from you soon.

Explore Auto-Reorder

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Also to auto-generate PO from Material Request, you may have to automate using Server Side Scripts

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Thank you, I have read this but this is not exactly what I want. I mean when I creat a material issue, If my stock doesn’t have enought, at the same time it will automatically creat both material issue and purchase order. Material issue will issue the quantity that I have in stock, and the purchase order is lacking quantity of the request. Do you know how to set up this?