Automatically start bench on server restart

i have installed frappe on my server and when ever i restart my server i have to right bench start…if you have any solution that can start the becnh automatically…

Hi @Sachine_P1

To start bench automatically , you have to setup the bench for production use by configuring two programs, Supervisor and nginx.

check out production deployment. in above link.

Use this startup script

But I want to use CentOS built-in systemd rather than Supervisor.

In that case refer to this:

John, thanks for you quick reply!

bench provides script generation for Supervisor but not systemd as:

bench setup supervisor


So you are confused or misunderstand that in fact the Supervisor runs on systemd?

I understand Supervisor depends on systemd. But in my case I just want bench to run directly with systemd, without Supervisor kicking in. That should be possible, at least as a lightweight choice.

Got it, please note here what you determine