Automatick all backup in erpnext version 12?

how to take daily backup in erpnext versionv12. in simple way ???

hi @swapnil_shingade

Dropbox integration is the best solution. without any hassles it takes backup everyday… seamless and easy… try that…

@M27 thanks … can you please give me clear instruction for that ?

see these both…


both works great…

Also frappe supports AWS s3 integration

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@saurabh6790 thank you ,
i have question for you , can you please give me step by instruction installation document of erpnext.

Hi all , when I open Dropbox Settings customization is not valid so how can I follow the steps in the video ?

@M27 it’s no longer that simple to configure as of V11.1.14

@ahmedalisync you have to enable developer mode and then customize the dropbox settings doctype to unhide the Dropbox Token field. Then generate enter the Dropbox API ID, secret and generate the Authentication token before your dropbox integration can be validated.

@flexy2ky… bro, its far more easy than you think. you really don’t need to put ERPNext in developer mode or unhide the token field. only enter the access key and secret key… then add the below to your dropbox ‘created’ folder… once you do that you can validate the access.


Thanks @flexy2ky for your effort

@M27 Thanks for your effort , I didn’t understand how can I put this line in the dropbox created folder , if you can tell me I will appreciate it


Hi Ahmed, sorry for a late reply… please watch this video for an easy way to do that…

thank you


@M27 Thanks a lot for your efforts

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