Automating Issue Assignments in ERPNext

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We have added an email account to append the emails it receives to Issue DocType from the Inbox folder. The subject and body of the email are required. The issues are named after the subject.

We enabled an assignment rule to follow a round robin behaviour to assign these issues to executives. But we would like to customise a bit. We would like to assign the issues to executives based on the subject in the email. How can we go about this?

Hi @ksandeep911:

Create different rules, using condition (Assign condition) on subject string… something like this:

'printer' in subject

Use roundrobin method but one user at each rule.
Priority field lets you stablish the order.

Hope this helps.

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Thanks for the replies. We are now facing a new problem where in adding and enabling an additional assignment rule stopped the issues from aggregating in the list. We are unable to debug the issue.

It also happened when we tried to add a signature and auto-reply email to the default sending email account. What could have been the issue?

How do we utilise the priority field? Does higher value mean higher priority?

Rule with higher value on priority run first.

Mean that issue is not created with 2 assignment rules running? With 1 rule works?

Thanks. Does the priority field only take values from 0 to 9?

Yeah, it worked with one assignment rule enabled. We tested and sent 4 emails from a Gmail account to the default sending email account and once it received those emails it was able to append them to the issue list and then assign them to 4 different users in a round-robin fashion. The default sending email also sent an email notification to those users.

Everything seemed to have worked fine until we added another assignment rule to test based on a field and we changed the priority values for the rules. After that, the emails stopped being appended to the issue list.

We checked the error logs and it showed that the emails failed to send. The error states that relaying is disallowed as the Gmail user. It looks like there is an issue with the default sending email. The email queue list also shows that the assignment emails have failed to be sent. We also enabled an automated reply email that failed to be sent to the Gmail user.

We have added only one email account to the list checked the default sending checkbox and kept the default incoming option disabled. Our domain is configured on Zoho Mail.


As far I know, there is no limit (int field)

Tried to manually created the issues? Are assignment rule working? Notifications?
Just to know if is related with incoming email and issue creation system.

Yeah, we tried to manually create the issues and it works. The issues are added to the list. But when we mention the “Raised By (Email)” as the Gmail user the issues are not auto-assigned after creation.

When the “Raised By (Email)” is the same as the default sending email then the issue was created and also assigned to a user.

It looks like we need to add the email accounts of the assigned users also in the email list. I will test them out. But what if I need to add the email accounts of the “Raised By (Email)” users as well like the Gmail user here? That would be a tedious task. For each email account to be added we require a password that will be confidential.

Hi @ksandeep911 :

Really strange, “Raised by email” should content the customer email, so … don’t make sense to create this as account in the system. It’s working well for us. Which version of Frappe/ERPNext are you using?

I tested out a few emails after adding another email account to the list and enabled both incoming and outgoing emails. This time, I’m logged in as Administrator on ERPNext and I sent the emails to the default sending email from the new email account which I have added. It worked flawlessly.

The issues were added to the list and also assigned to one of the users. An email was also sent to them from the new email account. I also received an automated reply from the default sending email account.

I have not tested it from an external email that is not in the list.

PS1: It stopped working once again. After sending two emails and receiving automated replies it doesn’t seem to work anymore. I sent two more emails and none of them were added to the issue list. There are also no error logs or failed to sent emails in the queue. Is there a limit? Under System Settings the email retry limit is set to 3.

PS2: The assignment rules seem to work well. I created 3 rules with different priority values (0, 1, 2) and tested them out by manually creating the issues. The problem lies only with the emails and the automated replies. There is something that doesn’t work well. We are currently using Frappe Framework version-14 (v14.28.2) and ERPNext version-14 (v14.18.3).


First, to make easy to find information on this forum for other people, please open other topic with the “new” problem :slight_smile:


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