Autoname on Barcode field

Hi all,

I was trying to make something like this

well, the asset barcode which is barcode type for now is type in by user manually, how can I make that my asset barcode follow the document name when i save the document without require user to type it manually?

For example, I create a new fixed asset and i want my asset_barcode field to be same with the document name.
FYI, the document name, I use auto name at the naming session as shown below

Currently i had try

frappe.ui.form.on(“Quotation”, “validate”, function(frm) {
frm.set_value(“costing”, frm.doc.grand_total * 0.5);

but what i get is

I get “New Fixed Asset 1” instead of ASS00002. Somemore It is not fill in the input field but the barcode field.

Your help is much appreciated

Well i do found my solution using other method.

which is i use HTML type instead of Barcode type, and I use as the value to be convert to barcode.

I refer to this post