Autoreply subject support ticket

Hi in version 5

i want to know , is it possible to insert a ticket I.D in the subject when you set an auto reply to the customer.

At the moment the customer will receive an auto reply like:

Subject: website inquiry

I would like to be:

Subject: website inquiry [ticket_id]

In ERPNEXT 4 it used to be that way, excpet when the customer replied on an email with an existing
Ticket I.D it would create another one, i really hope that problem was fixed in version 5.

Any help would appreciated
Regards Edwin

We have now embedded the ticket id in the mail headers, so that it is cleaner to the user.

So does that mean it’s better practice to do it that way as opposed to in the subject line?

And if the customer replies to that email continuously will it create a new ticket or keep it in the thread?

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