Availability of ERPNext 8.x in Virtual Box VM Images

Hi guys,

As per Issues with the latest VitualBox Development Image of ERPNext, there is a certain problem with updating the bench in the currently available Virtual Box VMs downloadable at https://erpnext.com/download

Possible root cause of the problem is Frappe 7.2 and ERPNext 7.2 being packaged there as of the moment (which is the way behind the latest 8.3 release codebase). Due to such a version diff, bench update runs into untrappable technical issues presumably.

This exposes certain limitations on those who would like to rapidly set up and evaluate the latest version of ERPNext in the local Virtual Box host environment.

Do you have any timeline as for re-building the Virtual Box VMs with ERPNext / Frappe 8.2 or 8.3 there?

Thank you.

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Yesterday I made a new develop instance
Based this and is still working:

You should ubgrade nodejs
Before bench updete --upgrade

Hope this helps.

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It looks like VM images got updated to the latest VM 8 codebase per Outdated VM Builds

Thanks for resolving it.