Issues with the latest VitualBox Development Image of ERPNext

Hi guys,

I faced some weird issues with the operability of the latest VitualBox Development Image (available to download at as of this moment).

I observe the following problems there

Once I roll out the VM in my VirtualBox host container and do the initial bench update before launching the initial configuration wizard for ERPNext at http://localhost:8000, I see no way to start bench after the following sequence of actions

  1. Log into the VM
  2. cd frappe-bench
  3. bench update

The update of bench goes well at this moment yet the bench cannot start after it

If I do the initial wizard configuration for my local ERPNext instance first, I can no more run bench update - the system error displays. The sequence of my actions is as follows in this case

  1. Log into the VM
  2. cd frappe-bench
  3. bench start
  4. Navigate to http://localhost:8000 in a browser
  5. Go through the initial configuration wizard in ERPNext
  6. Log off the local instance of ERPNext
  7. Restart the VM in Virtual Box host container
  8. Log into the VM
  9. cd frappe-bench
  10. bench update
  11. The error fired, and no update happens

Below are the details of ERPNext setup on the Dev Image’s VM at my premise

  • ERPNext: v7.2.14
  • Frappe Framework: v7.2.12
  • No custom apps installed

Could someone please look at this ? Also, do you have any estimates as for the latest ERPNext 8.x being available in the Virtual Box images?

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It looks like VM images got updated to the latest VM 8 codebase per Outdated VM Builds

This fixes this problem.

Thanks for resolving it.