Available batch qty at warehouse in DN & SI, and batch sorted based on expiry_date

I have created pull request Added Actual Batch Qty for item in DN & SI by sbkolate · Pull Request #2942 · frappe/erpnext · GitHub,

which adds Actual Batch Qty for item in DN & SI,
I have created one custom field. After selecting batch in DN it shows Actual Qty of item for that Batch.
This works successfully.

After that I am working on next issue. Batch should be sorted based on expiry_date, instead of posting date.
Batch Issue - Piling of list · Issue #2592 · frappe/erpnext · GitHub
With small modification in get_batch_no query we can sort batch with expiry_date.

In mean time, I found better way for showing batch quantity.
We can show available batch quantity and expiry_date in drop down list with small change in get_batch_no query

I have attached screen shot for batch with sorted based on expiry_date, and batch with actual qty.

Please give advice which way is more helpful and correct.

also check this. Batch Nr Quantity

with Actual Batch Qty

Batch No. sorted based on expiry date


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