Available quantities for work order from sales order


Is it possible to see a glimpse of the quantities that are available in stock for the items in my sales order when I launch a work order?

Let’s say in my sales order I have:

  • 5x item A
  • 10x item B

In stock, I have:

  • 0x item A
  • 2x item B

It would be great to see what is in stock when I select the items to manufacture, so I can decide the quantities I’d like to make for this order. Here’s an example (with wonderful paint skills) of how this could be shown:

I know it’s possible to see the “Actual Qty” available for each item independently in the sales order directly by open the details of each item, but it’s tedious any very unpractical when you have 10 different references in a single order…

Has anyone tried to implement this with a custom script? If yes, what’s the name of this popup “Select Items to Manufacture” to access it and add this option?

Thanks for your help!


You can modify the table which lists it.

Search for Customize Form and in the field type Work Order Item.
There scroll all the way to the bottom and you shall see Available Quantity at Source. Click on the arrow on the last column in that row.

In the dialog that pops up, check In List View and Update.

Also one thing to note is that the list view in Work Order Item can only display 5 fields excluding the serial no and the arrow. So you may have to disable one of the other fields.

hello, is there any possibility to get the raw material availability at source warehouse as a dialog, while creating work order…??

please help me out in coding i’m beginner for frappe coding please help me out that helps me allot