Avg. Price is different in Stock Ledger & Gross Profit Margin Analysis.... Why?

I’m facing a lil problem. Kindly help me,

I purchase Item 1 @ 100 - 10 Qty = 1000
Then i purchase same item 1 @ 200 - 10 Qty = 2000
Valuation method is Moving Avg.
Its showing correct Avg. Valuation Rate 150 / unit.

Then i Issue this item of quantity 5, and made sale invoice of this 05 qty.
Its showing correct valuation of remaining 15 qty - 150 / unit in stock balance/ledger

But when i check Gross Profit Report its showing Avg. Buying Price 133.33, Why ? Why not 150.
While Gross profit margin percentage is correct using Avg Valuation 150.

  • Gross profit margin %age is given using 133.33… why not 150?


In Version-4 ,Gross Profit report
It showing correct " Avg Buying rate=150"

But in current version-6 it showing 133.33.
i also suffering from same issue.

Hi ma’am. thanks for reply. then how did you find the solution??

@nabinhait can you look at this?

Can’t replicate the issue. In my test instance, gross profit report is showing correct avg. buying rate 150.

@signinacca, @shraddha Can anyone please replicate the issue in demo.erpnext.com and provide me the details?

i checked in demo… its correct. but why not in my version… what could be the problem with mine?

Which version are you using? Try updating to latest version and check if it solves teh issue.

how can i update? kindly tell me the steps

Please create a separate thread for that and also mention your current version there.

hi, I am having the same issue…