Avoid DRAFT in PDF before submitting

Is it possible to avoid the word DRAFT in the PDF during the quotation process before SUBMITTING?

We keep on changing the quote a lot and it we keep on having cancelled quotes.

Thank you.

Rutger from Amsterdam

Not completely clear what you want to achieve.

If your process is …
~ to provide a Quote to your customer,
~ they might not accept it or change requirements
~ you need to provide an adjusted Quote based on that

the best practise would be to …

~ “Submit” your initial quote
~ “Cancel” it if necessary
~ “Amend” it and “Submit” the amended version

Like this you have the entire quotation history available for reference while only tye current one (which is in “submitted” stage) is valid


Thanks for having a look at my question.

What I would like to do is not to Submit my quote before sending it to my customer. We change a lot of the quotes during the first stage of a request and it keeps a better overview then.

But what happens is when you not Submit the quote and create a PDF for sending it to the customer it says the word DRAFT in the PDF. This comes from the status of the quote in the status field.

I would like to avoid this word DRAFT in the PDF, so I can keep my quotes in an Unsubmitted Status.

Hope you understand and are able to help me out.


i think customer wouldn’t mind revised quotation with revision number? Just keep submit,cancel and amend works for us.:smile:

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Don’t follow your concern.

~ As long as you haven’t sent quote to customer you won’t mind term DRAFT (which practically wouldn’t appear anywhere because there is no need to generate any PDF)

~ once you are ready to send to customer … you commit and print the PDF

Seems either @Jay and I are not getting your point or you are not getting ours


I’m getting the point you are both making. its just that I would prefer working like this although the system has the flow you are both describing.

I would like to sent out quotes in a Draft mode in the format PDF because many quotes get changed all the time in our situation. My colleagues would prefer quotes in a draft mode instead of a lot of cancelled quotes connected to the most recent one.

Therefore I was wondering if it would be possible to hide the word DRAFT only in the PDF creation part but wasn’t able to find this in the Print Format builder.

Hope I made myself clear.

You have to create custom print format to hide DRAFT… You can find the tutorial to.create custom.print format

I’m using a custom print format at the moment, but the DRAFT section didn’t come up. I believe its the ERP system creating it “under the surface” or I’m overlooking it.

Were you able to workaround it jof2jc?

I see now how it works. It’s more complicated then the drag and drop feature but I will ask some assistance.

Thanks everybody for your time.