Avoid holes in the numbering of invoices

I recently discovered ERPNext and I am very impressed with the potential of this solution.
However, I am stuck on the fact that there may be holes in the numbering of invoices.
It’s a big problem for us because French law requires numbering invoices without holes.
This subject is often raised in ERPNext discussions but I did not find any satisfactory solution :

Thanks in advance for any great ideas to fix or work around this problem.

To avoid numbering holes it’s important to not cancel any invoice OR if you cancel it create an amend to this cancel invoice.

When you save a draft invoice, the numbering is set.
If you create a new invoice it will take the next number.
While yon don’t validate the first invoice you can delete it.
It’s like this you will create holes in numbering.

So solution is never begin a new invoice before validating a draft invoice or deleting a draft invoice.

For french legislation that I use, I can cancel an invoice and amend this invoice to get a numbering with a “-1” at the end (example : F202005-0002-1 for amend of F202005-002) and it’s legal.
Or I can provide the cancelled invoice with a reason of the cancel.
Never delete an invoice validated in your system.

my temporary sequence number should be develop to be sure to permit massive invoice creation before validation.

according to Rushabh, it is corrected in v13

Apparently this is not fixed in v13