Awesome Bar BUG in v10.1.18 - I give up. Let it stay broken

Why not think big? This calls for a test :wink:

Well, that makes me laugh… I am not sure this is even on anyone’s radar. Every now and again someone will take a look, but nothing ever gets done for it.

Maybe one of the new recruits will get interested. Sad to have to say it that way though.


Hello, @bkm888 Awesome bar working just fine in the latest version, with the use of “Enter” key as well! Would have attached a GIF for your reference but I have seen how “fascinated” you are by those, hence I’d just suggest you check out the latest version, and try using the search bar + ENTER key for navigation. Thanks for reaching out!

Haha… Well it is good that it finally was fixed. I haven’t paid any attention to it for almost a year now because I had a fix for it when it occurs.

As far as GIFs go, they are too small, blurry, and move too fast for your eyes to follow. they do not have a pause button for you to try to follow along on the screens and all of my new users hated them. So, yeah… I’m not sure I would call that a “fascination” but I don’t really care how “fascinated” other people are with them either. (Thanks though for having read enough of my posts to even know about that :grin: )


Ok… so now Moderator, this thread can be closed!

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