Presenting ESoC - ERPNext Summer of Code


Hello Community,

We are glad to announce the first ever ERPNext Summer of Code hosted by ERPNext. The event is based on Google’s Summer of Code (GSoC) which will help bring more young and budding developers into the world of Open Source Software development.

Why Should Students Apply?

  • To get experience working on real life projects :ok_hand:.
  • To get mentored by some of the top developers in India :muscle: .
  • Be a part of Open Source Communities :sunglasses: .
  • Build one’s resume and increase chances of getting a job :open_mouth:.
  • Earn a stipend of Rs 20,000 per month, on completing your tasks :money_mouth_face: .

So why wait? Go to and register for the event!

(Do have a look at the Terms once :wink: and go through the project list )


Let’s spread the word!


I’ve applied as a student for ESoc , by when will I get to know if I’m selected or not


April 23rd.

Refer the timeline:

@kennethsequeira thanks a lot … could you also tell me how many applicants will be selected ?

There is no fixed number yet. Would depend on the scope of the projects mentioned.

Is there a wishlist somewhere, for eg like this Promote test driven design/development · Issue #165 · erpnext/foundation · GitHub

If any of the inductees seek a task - some form of ‘smoketest’ validation of the install script, for travis to run and report on, would be a huge win (but surely ambitious to implement such a test like this in just weeks) or perhaps such a test exists that I am not aware?

just my 2 cents fwiw

@clarkej we have selected about 16 from nearly 200 applications.

There was a kickoff meeting yesterday (posted on YouTube)

And yes! Test-driven development is being given weight. In fact, we did discuss it on the call.

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Excellent thanks for this and the meeting link Kenneth -

Rushabh and Faris did a wonderful job of outlining this opportunity.

Arguably such a test is of utmost priority in QA credibility terms, as new prospect users question and struggle with failed installs. Ideally for a mentor plus intern pair to learn together, implement and launch, the sooner the better :slight_smile:

@Basawaraj_Savalagi I urge the Foundation to support this task proposal too!

Thanks again,


Yes thanks for the link. All very interesting. I’m so pleased to see Frappe so wholeheartedly embrace GSOC :grinning:

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Yes definitely.


Hey guys. Is there going to be a ESoC for the next year? I would like to participate.