Awesome bar search fails when contact is present

Using ERPNext: v8.1.1 (master)
Frappe Framework: v8.1.1 (master)

Whenever I use ERPNext I get inconsistent results with the awesome bar search functionality almost as if the javascript is messed up somewhere. Everything else is working fine though.

A contact is present called Peter (as in the video), but as you can see the search results are shown incorrectly and do not show peter unless a search on ‘Peter in Contacts’ is made

Any suggestions how i can fix this? I’ve done a bench clear cache already but it hasn’t helped

Apologies for the lame question, but does that occur for other contacts as well?
Do let us know about the other inconsistencies you find, it will help them get fixed promptly :slight_smile:


Yes it does happen for other contacts too.
In fact the search results presentation seem wrong in the same manner as in the gif. Is there a way to refresh the js build for this ?

Also, when it says Contact not found. If I close this and press enter so we are searching on the larger search area, it just says ‘searching’ and never completes

Not sure I follow you. Could you define ‘presentation’?

Normally if results are found from search they are grouped on the left hand side, and there is bold formatting on the words found on the records returned.

Also If I type ‘Peter in contact’ then a list of peters is returned but in the std List view not in the search results

Here is a gif that explains it better, I’m sure you’ll see the problem clearly now

Hi, apologies for the delay.

Thanks for reporting this, would you mind raising a GitHub issue?

Ok. I will do.

Hi @Julian_Robbins
How can i attach gif screen shot?

You should just be able to select your file or drag and drop in this forum

I don’t no how to make gif, can you give me steps to do.

It depends what is you have. Peek us a good application for Linux.

For ubuntu16.04, which one is better?

Thanks for your guidance @Julian_Robbins.
I did animated gif file by using SimpleScreenRecorder software in ubuntu16.04.