Awesome Doctype Field suggestion -- IMAGE capture (from webcam or mobile camera) using getUserMedia()

Imagine how awesome it would be to be able to do this directly from mobile or tablet:

  • “sign” a doctype using a photo image to prove you were the submitter (i.e. timesheet, log entry, etc.)
  • include an captured image(s) to a doctype submission (i.e. item receiving/inspection, capturing primary image for items, assets, or other doctype based objects, etc.)
  • any other ideas or use cases?

Possible with getUserMedia() function:

You can directly access a camera and microphone by using an API in the WebRTC specification called getUserMedia() . This will prompt the user for access to their connected microphones and cameras.


Yes, that’s a fantastic idea.
and also add more features like

  • Add lead with photos

  • Add photos For item

  • Add Visiting Card

is it possible to add image or open camera to a particular field in erpnext?

+1 that would be awesome. For us it would be when doing “Quality Inspection”, employee could add image directly into the transaction to show why a product as been rejected!

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