Awesome Frappe Apps listing

I wonder If there is anyone did a An awesome list of customized apps that are available for Frappe / ERPNext Framework out there.

This should serve as a good source to be maintained that shows the flexibility and extensibility of the system, also It will save a lot of time searching around.

I can start maintaining one but would like to know if there were already out there or not.

This thread proposed a forum category be designated for that Community Apps and Projects Forum Category

This thread lists some app repositories List of Community made Apps - #3 by vrms

@clarkej thanks but I’m a little bit confused, where exactly is the updated list’s link?

Most, If not all of the apps links are not working.

Also I’m familiar with some apps floating around that are not listed.

Any ideas how to get involved in the curation and maintaining the directory?

You refer to say this for example

It seems neither Frappe LLC nor the Foundation support this portal, presumably since 3rd parties have disengaged, and their apps are no longer maintained.