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Should the forum add a category for community developed apps called Custom Apps? Each topic in this category could be devoted to one application having the first post maintained by the developer(s) with a link to the repo and other relevant information. This would create a browsable, living list of active community apps and projects.


That would seem reasonable and gets my vote - here is a list of sorts List of Community made Apps - #3 by vrms

On a separate note this Compliance category suggestion did not win appeal New category called Compliance

EDIT: I just happened on this Apps / Extensions for ERPNext


As much as I like that idea, I think the community here is more developer based and they prefer to force all of that chatter through GitHub.

I agree that it would be much nicer for those of like me that prefer the interactions with other “implementers” rather than the deep technical chat of the developer group. However, it would mean that important information that comes up in the forum might get missed in github and stuff starts dropping through the cracks.

Kind of difficult to manage 2 places of discussion for a single subject, so I think the developers would win that argument.


I’d give a +1 for that too. But, as we all know we have a tendency to a monolithic core-first approach, so it would be good whether the ‘maintainer’ of such a forum Category would have an eye on whether Apps appearing on such a Category (aka the App list on are generic enough to be added to the core code and also push developers towards the effort to make them merge-ready, if applicable

do you happen to know who maintains that list? It would be fatal in my eyes whether it wasn’t up to date.

“do you happen to know who maintains that list? It would be fatal in my eyes whether it wasn’t up to date.”

It seems this is self maintained - only the submitter can edit their app? Some links to for example a github repo are ‘not found’

Just login here

Other info -

Here are the Sign in to GitHub · GitHub

scmmishra submitted a recent PR feat: Remove docs content and modified links by scmmishra · Pull Request #408 · erpnext/foundation · GitHub

is that PR related to the list of Community Apps?

Not especially, the PR is to move it seems 2700+ files from host to domain host.

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