Awesome Frappe: Curated List of apps, tools & resources for everything Frappe

I’ve been curating a list of Frappe & ERPNext resources for over 6 months now. We’ve reached close to 100 entries, from categories such as Business & Utility Apps to Integrations, developer tooling, alternate clients as well as themes! I’ve listed every generic & maintained open-source project and resources I’ve come across, that could benefit Frappe developers here:

My main source of inspiration for this was I couldn’t find enough apps and resources in the Frappe ecosystem, so decided to try fixing the discoverability problem. Throughout the process, I came across a whole lotta cool projects built by our community. I’ve tried out a lot of these, some I use daily and recommended many others when I got questions like “is X possible with Frappe” or “how can I do Y with ERPNext”.

Hope this listing aids us and the coming generations of Frappe & ERPNext developers. If you think that X is über cool and belongs on this list, feel free to contribute!

Cheers :beer:


Just so many things I had no idea about.


It’s very good to see all at one place but many incomplete and not working apps also in the list, like mautic integration , though may be a base to work further :smiley:

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All the helpful information is on a single page. Thanks for sharing it. I was not aware of all these things.

some of these apps maybe outdated. pls verify that they work with latest build

I guess you are very welcome to contribute your findings andknowledge to the list!

You can safely remove TailPos as it doesn’t work and is not maintained by developer. Didn’t see our app POS Bahrain (offline POS) in there. We are actively developing it as needed. Working in many V11 and V12 environment. We have future plan to enhance it for V13 and beyond.


This is great! There is also a product called ‘POS Awesome’ I believe. Which is well maintained. Did you not find the features you were looking for?

Elasticrun team has developed spine app for streaming configured doc events to Kafka topics.