Aws cdn frontend deployment

Is it possible to upload whole frontend to aws cdn [s3 too] to serve the frontend while leaving erpnext (frappe, python) backend in different ecs to service aws cdn frontend?

My plan is after upgrade, update, rebuild or migrate etc then upload frontend to aws cdn or s3 and user access from cdn instead of erpnext / frappe server’s nginx.

On my wish list.

Build and host static assets over cdn.

  • ci job to build, version and push static assets to cdn
  • add key “use_cdn” to config
  • if use_cdn, templates render cdn url

Hi @revant_one, thanks for replying.

I saw GitHub - frappe/frappejs: Node + Electron + Vue based metadata web framework (inspired by Frappe) and thought erpnext frontend might be separated from backend compared to traditional webapp eg. using php to generate html content on each request.

I saw frappe is using nodejs, is it the frontend can be hosted on cdn and calling backend through rest/rpc? Or frontend and backend must be in the same ecs?

@revant_one After a week testing and reading. I found that frappe and erpnext Web content are built in the server and in different folders. That’s concluded that I don’t know how to move frontend files html js css media to s3 and cdn. So, erpnext server must be in an ec2 instance or vertical scale except redis and mariadb?