AWS EFS Costs: Unexpected reads and writes

Hi all, @revant_one ,
We recently transitioned to a multi-bench setup for Frappe (All benches inside the mounted EFS drive). Here’s a brief overview of our current infrastructure:

  • Compute: EC2 (X.Large)
  • Database: RDS
  • Storage: EFS
  • Cache: ElasticCache (Redis)

We’re running 4 benches, with 2 sites on each (8 sites in total). While the performance has been seamless, we’ve observed an unexpected spike in our EFS costs. The metrics show around 4000 GB of reads and over 600 GB of writes. Surprisingly, our usage is minimal, with only 10-12 users active for roughly an hour each day.

Has anyone experienced such high I/O with a similar setup or can point to potential causes?

Thanks in advance for any insights!

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